The first step towards turning into a real fashionista is indeed to skim through your cute wardrobe and spot some of the must have items. In case you might not have them in your collection or the ones you do are outdated why not refresh your outfit piece parade with additional details. However often you might not have enough money to raid the stores for brand new and spotless style items. Instead why not shop at a groovy thrift store that would definitely have all what it takes to make you happy at the end of the day. These places offer a huge array of clothing pieces as well as accessories and are also some of the favorite meeting spots of celebrity style icons as Chloe Sevigny, Agyness Deyn or Rachel Bilson. Ready for a tour in the realm of classy and creative fashion must haves? Then look through this short overview of the best fashion buys in thrift stores.

Flannel Shirts

Lumberjack style flannel shirts made their way up to the runway and enjoyed a prominent position in the collections of great designers as Marc Jacobs. You’ll more than probably find these evergreen fashion essentials on the shelves of thrift stores as in the past these were embedded in various country style inspired and even Grunge-look style outfits. In order to be able to match these with your favorite shorts or miniskirts as well as skinnies make sure you take more of them home in various lenghts, sleeve designs as well as colors.

Choose the ones that would suit the color composition of your wardrobe and can be easily pierced into a dapper outfit. Opt for the larger checks if you long for volume especially on your upper body. Others who would like to steal a few inches from the tummy and waist area should instead rely on the effect of smaller prints as these would create a slimming effect. You’ll find all these in your favorite thrift store just around the corner


There’s nothing to add more to the plea held by fashion gurus in order to highlight the importance of this cover-up. Similar must have jacket styles would offer you the chance to master the transitions from various seasons. Moreover boyfriend, double-breasted as well as tuxedo style blazers all would make you feel super-stylish and confident.

These style items suit all body shapes all you have to look out for is the length. Choose the ones that would cover flaws and expose your best assets. Additionally make sure you take a glimpse at the infinite selection of blazers of all tailoring styles as well as colors. Neutral and classy shades as well as printed designs would look just as stunning when embedded in your fashionista wardrobe.

High-waisted Shorts and Skirts

The retro-chic-inspired high-waisted shorts and skirts are some of the signature style pieces of the paste decades. This year you’ll find it very inspiring to wobble between the extremes of the super-tight and hot shorts and miniskirts trend, as well as the more breezy and bulky high-waisted pants and silky skirts.

These all would take you to a different fashion era in time, from the suburb Housewives style of the ’50s to the more edgy tendencies of the ’80s Disco fashion. All these times can be best revived with the help of these wardrobe stapled therefore let your creativity and imagination lead you when looking for the best designs.


Thrift stores pride themselves with the large selection of accessories they offer from different styles and ages. These are often of leather, plastic, suede or fabrics. All you have to do is make your must have list of belts styles that could add a mod tint to your outfits prepared for the various events. Considering your budget it is good to have at least one from every designs for emergency cases.


Bags are also just as enchanting when spotting a designer accessory in a cool thrift store that was somehow forgotten in this treasure chest. However you can also find various designs that would complement your looks depending on your clothing style. Hobo bags as well as cute clutches, totes and satchels are also available in a huge variety.


A real trend-trotter makes sure that she covers the complete field of accessories. You never know when would a hat be the perfect detail you’ll need to crown your outfit. Therefore girlie and boyfriend style hats are waiting for you to take them home and wear them with confidence. Play up your unique style sense and pull off some of the most stylish style combos for your next outing.


These romantic accessories are also uber-versatile therefore these can be matched with various summer breezy, autumn Boho chic and other types of outfits. Use them creatively and decorate your bags with them, you can also sport them as headbands and even on your wrist. Find chic methods to have them in your signature looks.Choose from the endless prints and designs for a fashionable makeover.

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