Being a plus size doesn’t mean you have to avoid wearing dresses and showing off your curvy body. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go for the tiniest dress you can find, it means that you can select a dress which will underline the best parts of your body and make you look stunning. There is a variety of dresses for plus size women to choose from as not all women benefit from the same dresses styles.

Being a plus size doesn’t mean you have to hide your body after baggy clothes as this will only add a few sizes more to your physique. Plus size women should be proud of their curves as skinny is out and plus size is in. People are trying to exclude this “ideal image” of a skinny woman and are now focusing on health regardless of the dress size.

More and more celebrities are embracing their curvy bodies, so why not follow their steps and start to love your curves. Because choosing the right dresses is a must for every woman, we have put together some tips which can help you look fabulous:

If you have fabulous firm and thin hands, go for a sleeveless dress and show off your lovely arms. If however you have sagging skin around the arms, you should opt for a sleeve dress so the dress will offer you coverage of that area.

Choose a cleavage dress as these types of dresses will help attract a greater amount of attention towards your bust, neck and face. A V-cut cleavage benefits most plus size women, so give it a try and see if it works for you.

If you are tall, choose a long dress as it will help balance your figure thus making you look stunning and if you are shorter, go for a shorter dress, but make sure not to go too bold. Going too short will not be flattering, so try to stick to a dress length which offers your figure the best advantages.

Choose to get tanned before selecting a dress as subtle tanned skin looks amazing and will most definitely give your skin a certain glow. For a healthy approach you can turn towards organic spray tans so you will look fabulous without exposing yourself to danger. This doesn’t mean you have to go for a Jersey Shore look, a subtle tan will do.

Choose a dress which is opaque as transparent dresses are not flattering and elegant. There is a variety of fabrics which drop and flatter the body without allowing the skin to see through the dress.

Going for simple dresses rather than too sophisticated ones can be much more flattering for your body type. Simplicity can be a perfect option regardless of the occasion, so go for a simple dress and use accessories to glam-up your style! To complete the look of your adorable dress make sure you choose a lovely pair of high heels. They will offer your body a few inches in length thus you will appear slimmer! Select a dress color which suits you best and don’t hesitate to choose timeless colors such as white or black colored dresses as they will most definitely help you look amazing.

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