Every woman is looking for clothes that suit their body shape and make them look thinner or taller. When buying a coat you should apply all the basic rules you use when choosing any other clothing item. First of all, try many different styles and shapes before taking a decision. Don’t hurry and take your time.

As for the fabric chosen, first of all, you need to know whether you are looking for a coat for an every day use, or one for special occasions. If you want a coat for daytime, casual wear, go for wool, cashmere, but also a mixture of wool, for example, and polyester or nylon, which will strengthen the quality of certain fabrics.

Pay attention to the cut of the sleeves as you need a comfortable coat. Sleeves that are very large at the armholes and tighten down at the wrist, but also raglan sleeves, straight and all in one from neckline down, offer you more freedom when moving than those that are close fitting at shoulder level.

Petite figure. If you are petite, go for a 3/4 coat such as a parka or a sailor’s jacket, and match them with high heels. A knee level coat will emphasize the lower part of your legs and will elongate your figure. In order to create the illusion of looking taller, go for empire waists and belts. Don’t exaggerate when choosing different details at necklines. Avoid long and mid-calf coats as they cut your silhouette and make you look even shorter. Also, pay attention to skirts or dresses that are longer that the coat, especially if they are not properly chosen and don’t match.

Tall figures. For taller figures, play with volumes, and go for a classic, long coat or a trench coat. A cape can also flatter your figure as it enhances the beauty of your long legs. You are very lucky as you can easily wear ballerina flats as the silhouette allows you to, and a belt under the coat for a more structured figure. The volume of a cape totally emphasizes your long, beautiful legs especially if you wear it with skinny pants, pencil skirts or a fitted dress.

Curvy. If you are curvier, in order to give the illusion of being thinner, choose a coat that follows the contours of your body. An empire style coat elongates the figure, camouflages a large stomach and accentuates your bust. Try knee length coats with simple lines. Avoid volumes as they will only make you look bigger. A beautiful belt can help you have a nice silhouette and hide a big belly.

Boyish figures. Boyish, athletic bodies should choose coats that add some curves to their straight figure. Therefore, sharp tailored coats and strong shoulders will look amazing. Also, a belt at the waist will accentuate your femininity, while pockets will add some volume and curves. Short coats, such as down jackets or simple jackets can also flatter boyish figures. If you want to look even better, match them with skinny jeans or mini skirts.

If you have a small bust, choose coats with different details on top, while for bigger bust, go for deep V-necklines, and narrow lapels. For narrow shoulders, you should take full advantage of the fact that the military trend is so hot this season, and choose military jackets and coats. They will totally flatter your body shape due to the shoulders style and size.

Photos via style.com