While festival style, especially Coachella, is signaling the return of the 90s, some classic trends have also made a splash on the runways, and they’re becoming a big part of trendy street looks. Whether you love or have loved 90s fashion, these trends aren’t just another flash in the pan.

Discover the best 90s trends that are coming back and find out how you can update your style to incorporate them. You might be able to pull off some items that you saved, but these trends also have a modern twist, which makes them more than a rehash of the 90s.

Crop Tops

Baby tees that exposed your midriff were a big part of the 90s style and they’ve been slowly making a comeback, both on the runway and on the streets. If you’re not comfortable showing your belly button most of the time, keep them as an option for outdoor summer activities. You don’t even have to go out and get one, tying your tees in a knot under your ribcage is another cute version of this look.

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High Waisted Jeans

While they were discarded as ugly mom jeans for more than a decade, high waisted jeans are definitely among the best 90s trends that are coming back in style. Whether you prefer a more modern and streamlined version, or the classic distressed high waisted jeans that played a huge part in the defining style of the grunge movement, don’t pass them up.

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Acid Wash

One of the most hated trends of the 90s, acid wash may not be the most fresh look, but it’s definitely making a comeback. Punk and grunge inspired clothes were already coming back in 2013, but if you want to rock this trend with a modern twist, go for colorful tops in lighter fabrics.

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One of the most iconic looks of the 90s, overalls and dungarees are also feeling fresh again. Don’t start looking through your boxes of old clothes, since they’re one of the best 90s trends that are coming back with a big twist. While the outdated overalls look like they could fit two people inside, the sophisticated modern reinterpretation of this look finds middle ground between skinny jeans and very loose dungarees.


Plaid Flannel Shirts

Some would argue that plaid flannel never really went away, but the insistence of hipsters that these grunge-inspired shirts are cool actually made them cool again. If you just love plaid, you don’t have to go for the flannel, but if you simply like your flannel without any patterns or stripes, you should probably skip this returning trend.

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Platform Sneakers

Turned into iconic footwear by the Spice Girls, platform sneakers are also considered one of the best 90s trends that are coming back by many lovers of retro fashion. While the wedge sneakers are definitely out, athletic footwear with a higher platform has even made its way into collections from sophisticated brands, including Prada.

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Double Denim

While double denim has been around for a few years, it’s finally making a comeback closer to its 90s origins. If you wanna rock this trend, always go for slightly different colors in your denim pieces, since choosing the exact same shade still comes across as too matchy-matchy to really be fresh. While the matchy-matchy look was spotted on runways in the past year, it’s rarely the right look for denim.

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Probably one of the best 90s trends that are coming back, chokers never really went away completely. The tight chokers of the 90s, who were basically hanging around your neck are the wrong way to go. Instead, go for jewelry with a modern feel, that sits just a bit lower, at the base of the neck. Stay away from anything neon colored and you’ll be able to rock this trend the right away.

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Dr. Martens

One of the brands to benefit most from the revival of 90s trends, Doc Martens have been slowly becoming cool again in the past few years. Even if you go for the more colorful versions, don’t try to pair them with printed leggings because that’s simply too 90s.

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Thinner Eyebrows

Once the natural brow look has been played out, it was only a matter of time until thinner eyebrows became trendy again. Even if you think this is one of the best 90s trends that are coming back, avoid the pencil thin look.

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