Fashion label Bershka has released a fun, youthful campaign for its new 2011 collection. Hannah Holman, Claudia Guarnieri and River Viiperi are photographed by Chris Heads for the brand’s spring/summer 2011 lookbook.

This new lookbook has various sources of inspiration starting with a retro, ’50s-inspired vibe, and continuing with a Parisian chic style and a romantic, sweet approach through one-of-a-kind details and accessories.

Colorful and fun, the Bershka spring/summer 2011 lookbook is simply “Wow”, featuring unique items, such as shorts, bathing suits, oversized sunglasses, hats, shorts, jeans, and plaid shirts, perfect for a chic and stylish warm season.

The Bershka spring/summer 2011 collection includes utterly wearable, timeless and laid-back items drawing their inspiration from different sources. Using polka dots, high-waisted shorts, two-piece bathing suits, and oversized sunglasses, the new line manages to revive the ’50s vibe. Besides, the chic and fun attitude of the Parisian style with a modern twist is shown through the typically French patterns and colors, such as stripes, dots, but also red and blue shades, capturing the essence of Parisian sophistication.

The new Bershka collection is more than lovely due to the special details, colors, accessories and fabrics used. All the items made from lace bring a soft and bohemian touch to the line, flawlessly complemented by romantic nude colors. Moreover, hats and other hair accessories are not only practical and helpful during hot summer days, but they also add a chic and adorable feeling to your overall aspect.

The classic denim seems to be omnipresent in the Bershka spring/summer 2011 collection, both for girls and boys. Paired with plaid shirts and football jackets, jeans became the best choice for boys who want something casual and effortless. As for girls, a red pair of wide leg pants or a pair of sexy denim shorts matched with a graphic t-shirt will certainly show off your wild, bold, yet stylish side.

Photo courtesy of Bershka