After the dark winter days, it’s time to inject some joy and light into your wardrobe. If you feel like doing a great update to your look, make sure you know your options and skim through all the A-list collections of the season. The Bershka March 2011 Lookbook is the best proof of the mass-appealing style policy of the Spanish brand that managed to conquer the hearts of both teen and adult fashionistas.

Those who are fed-up with a limited color palette will have the chance to break out of their shell and embrace the colorful style trend that banishes the supremacy of classy neutrals. Casual chic outfits can look extremely faddish and sight-catching if you master the art of mix/matching different shades and patterns. Trust your style knowledge and raid the local fashion stores to get hold of all the key outfit elements of the next season. Bershka shows you how to preserve the versatility and cool vibe of your blooming season closet.

There are hardly any limits when it comes to nailing down all the new season prints and color trends. The examples presented here line up a groovy parade of warm season looks. You’ll have the privilege to wrap yourself in the cutest shirts, dresses and stylish skirts. Feel brave and live out your wildest outfit fantasies using the style hints served by Bershka for the upcoming months. We love versatility and unique attempts to banish all style limitations in order to come up with a colorful and statement apparel. The beginning of the party season will provide you with the necessary drive to revitalize your closet. Pile up the most faddish denim jackets, floral printed items and chic accessories to feel the standing ovation a real Bershka girl enjoys.

If you’re a massive fan of Boho chic, learn how to turn yourself into a real princess of nature using these cute style ideas. Match your maxi skirts with stylish denim jackets or put on your body-conscious and foxy shorts, then complement your outfit with cropped tops along with dapper accessories. These are only some of the hot ideas you can experiment with while upgrading your appearance to the newest fashion waves. Fringes, lace details and pastel tones are here to help you out in your makeover. It takes only a few minutes to kiss goodbye to your old self and explore the advantages your new look has to offer. The Bershka March 2011 Lookbook is the real deal if you run out of life-saving fashion ideas.

If we’re on the same track, you might also consider that there’s always room for extra outfit ideas for a glam party wear. Check out the Bershka spring 2011 lookbook that allows you to adopt a sparkling and eye-catching appearance to bring out the most of your flirty curves. The party season is the perfect period to explore va-va-voom effect skin-tight and chic dresses can create. Latex leggings and chic shorts are additional elements that should feature in your spring wardrobe. Choose high heels, faddish headwear and a dapper handbag to crown your appearance.

Image courtesy of Bershka