A secret tip shared among all stylists is the importance of the color palette you are working with. Neutrals turn out to be the safest options to save yourself from fashion blunders, however, when wearing a monochromatic black, grey or all white outfit, there are hardly any chances for you to stand out from the crowd. Designers behind this beloved fashion brand know how to attract the attention of the public.

Bershka is undoubtedly synonymous with eclectic. Therefore, if you’re ready to welcome the colorful style waves with open arms, be sure to flip through the Bershka April 2011 Lookbook. You’ll find here a repertoire of breezy outfit ideas echoing some of the radiant vibrancy of the 80s Disco era as well as body-conscious apparel options that allow you to channel your Glam Rock chick allure into an urbane chic wear. For the beginning just watch, then make sure you’re getting into the colorful groove and come up with brand new style ideas using various style staples included in the spring collection.

There’s no need to disguise yourself in pale outfits, instead, explore your wild side by embracing tricky, but fun fashion trends. Mix the various prints and textures to rock out surprising combinations. Your experimental personality screams for new ideas, as a consequence, find the best solution to tame your cravings for an A-list wardrobe. Pile up some of the hot outfit elements presented in this Lookbook and flaunt your creativity by envisioning a unique and dapper apparel for different events. Playful shades and the must have patterns as animal prints, polka dots and floral designs will have the solution for your daily style dilemmas. Keep monotony at a fair distance from your wardrobe by using a few of these fashion ideas.

Base your wardrobe around the staples that help you shine through the crowd. The list includes floral printed dresses, knee-high socks, stylish leggings along with ruffled tops and skirts. If you’re up for a big change in your look, keep in mind the style hints lined up in this brief review of the Bershka April 2011 catalog. Additionally, you can also look for other complementary elements as the old time favorite denim vest, blazer and chic cardigan.

Change your style according to your mood. When looking for romance and subtle elegance, go for flirty ruffles and refined textures. On the other hand, you can popularize the urban sportswear trend all throughout the season by nailing down some of the hottest sporty chic style ideas as the short shorts-graphic printed top combo. Use your fashion knowledge to ramp up your look and enjoy the unlimited color palette promoted in this collection.

Image courtesy of Bershka