All of us are different and it is our aim to make sure that we have stylish options to suit and flatter your own particular body shape. In order to help you make the right decision when it comes to beachwear, we’ve put together a selection of tips that will serve as guide to purchasing flattering swimwear for girls with wide hips. You got weight problems, wider hips, DD or E cup sizes? No problem! Here’s what you should look for if you want to hide your flaws as with the vast array of swimwear styles out there finding the perfect design to suit your needs might take a little bit of effort!

Big HipsDo’s for a Flattering Look

Belted Pants are very flattering as they break up the pant. Tie Pants can cut out the bulge. The New Sash Band Pant is higher on the leg and is very flattering as it has a soft sash which can be worn around the hips or higher.Ringside Pants can break up pant giving the illusion of longer legs. The Regular Pant is a higher leg alternative to the Retro Pant.

Tie a Sarong round the hips – our short mesh sarongs cover the bulges and add the elegance of your beachwear.

Don’tsAvoid horizontal stripe prints, two piece beachwear (without Sarong) and electric colors!