The Basso & Brooke 2010 resort collection is absolutely amazing as it combines reality with fantasy so take a peek at the fabulous collection to inspire yourself for the summer!

The Basso & Brooke 2010 resort collection seems to be an attention seeker as it manages to stand out by far from the other fashion collections due to the vivid trademark coloration used. Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke seem to channel their positive energy towards their fashion collections as all their designs are fabulous. Being different seems to be good and the Basso & Brooke 2010 resort collection manages to be different not only through the design of the collection but the interesting coloration of the fabrics used as well. It is absolutely amazing the difference a colored outfit can make, as it can have an impact over the spirit as well.

The 2010 resort collection signed Basso&Brooke wanted to be “a balance between reality and fantasy” said Bruno Basso and it seems that the two designers managed to realize this perfectly as the designs of the outfits are very trendy and in this 2010 season and the colors used to created the outfits give the surreal look the collection needed.

The collection was not dominated by one type of outfit, a variety of styles have been featured to underline diversity which is a must this year as being diverse when it comes to style means pulling off a different look every time, avoiding entering a routine and becoming boring from a fashion point of view.

The dresses featured in Brook & Basso's 2010 resort collection are absolutely fabulous and radiate a certain casual chic glamor. The styles of the dresses vary in design as well as in length allowing women with different body types to benefit from the collection. Knee length dresses are the most dominant as this length offers a certain elegance and refinement which attracts a generous amount of positive attention. The maxi dresses featured in the collection look amazing as they gently emphasize the feminine curves while covering most of the body. The elegant medium cleavages enhance femininity and balance the dresses design perfectly.

Basso&Brooke 2010 Basso&Brooke 2010

It is a well known fact that women love pants as they can be sexy and comfortable at the same time. The pants styles shown in Basso & Brooke's 2010 resort collection vary widely from short to long classic in order to suit different preferences. Whether simple or multi-colored all pant styles looked fabulous and perfect for casual chic occasions. The pant style outfits were balanced with simple or colored tops to balance the look of the outfits and not make the look too much.

There is a fine line between fabulous when it comes to heavily colored outfits but it seems that Basso & Brook managed to avoid crossing that line easily since color is their trademark.

Basso& Brooke 2010 Basso& Brooke 2010

The dominant colors featured in the collection are brights such as neon green, turquoise, blue, yellow, pink, aqua blue balanced with gorgeous colors such as beige, black, navy blue, etc. The colorful prints look fantastic and they are a true spectacle for the eyes.
A perfect collection for women with a powerful personality, the Basso & Brooke collection is worth every bit of time spent admiring it.
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Basso & Brooke 2010 Basso & Brooke 2010