Lost! Well, this is how the crazy fashion world sometimes makes use feel. Among so many trends, colors, styles, or shapes it is so hard to find the right direction. Empire, liberty, auburn, there are terms that are completely staggering. In order to solve this problem, we made this basic fashion glossary.

A-line: it is a dress or skirt that is formed into the shape of the letter “A”, narrow at the top, flaring gently wider at the bottom. It is comfortable and it flatters most body types.

Ankle strap: This is a type of shoe that has a strap that encircles the ankle and is attached at the back.

Auburn a moderate brown.

Bandeau: is a fillet or band especially for the hair.

Bohemian: called also romantic or poetic, bohemian is a trend characterized by feminine details, such as ruffles, flounces, ribbons, and different embroideries. This reflects, without any doubt, a free attitude towards fashion.

Boot-cut: it is a term used for describing trousers or jeans that are tapered to the knee and slightly flared to the ankles in order to accommodate every type of shoes.

Camel: is a light yellowish brown.

Capri pants/Capris: are three-quarter close-fitting pants that are usually worn during summer days.

Chiffon: it is a lightweight, sheer fabric, yet very strong despite its fine appearance.

Clogs: there are wooden based shoes, having closed toe and open back. Clogs are often made out of leather, with the bottom part out of wood.

Derbies: style of leather shoes with open lacing. The lacing holes meet together over the tongue, and are not stitched to the tongue at the bottom.

Earth tone: any of the numerous rich colors that contain some brown.

Emerald green: is one of the various strong greens.

Empire: waist that begins immediately below the bust, “A” style, specially created to make a flattering sweep.

Espadrille: a sandal usually having a fabric upper and a flexible sole.

Faux pas: a fashion faux pas represents an error one makes when it comes to style judgment.

Fedora: is a hat having the crown creased lengthwise and pinched in the front on both sides.

Harem pants: are loose trousers that fit closely at the ankle, and are specially created for women.

Kitten heels: little heels, usually having 1 ½ to 2 inches high. They can be the perfect choice for women who want something between flats and high heels.

Liberty prints: a classic floral print created by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1939, in London.

Magenta is a deep purplish red.

Mary Jane: low heels shoes with with a single-buckle strap across the instep and around the ankle. Traditionally, they were made of black patent leather. They are the typical shoe style for little girls.

Mauve is a moderate purple, violet, or lilac.

Nude: a shade that is a little darker than champagne and lighter than sand. It is possible to have some touches of blush or peach.

Oxfords: leather shoes with enclosed lacing that appeared in Scotland and Ireland. As opposed to Derbies, Oxford shoes have the two flaps of leather with the piercings for the laces stitched together at the bottom.

Preppy: a style that was so famous in the late ’70s and early ’80s with the cult classic “The Official Preppy Handbook”. Since then, the style never went out of fashion. Its main characteristic is the combination between preppy items and more modern ones. Some of its basic elements are polo shirts, gloves, scarves, cardigans, hair accessories, and, of course, the casual sweater, wrapped around the shoulders.

Shirt dress: has details from a man’s shirt, such as a collar, a button front or cuffed sleeves.

Spaghetti straps: very thin straps that resemble the pasta noodle. They can be found on everything from tops to dresses.