Preparing for the first day of school after a long holiday is really fun, especially if you have in your pocket brand new ideas on how to perk up your appearance. Moreover, you are aware now of the latest trends of the upcoming season and you can easily embed them into your brand new style. From the stylish and A-list outfit pieces to your cute and colorful accessories all serve as the best means to stay in the spotlight and also dress school-appropriate. Leave those provocative style pieces at home and instead choose clothes that are both comfy and suitable for your age and for school activities. Alternative looks as well as the classy outfits make you look gorgeous and inspiring.


Girlie Outfit

If you are true to your romantic side, you might want to embrace it with your back to school outfit. In this case, make sure you choose breezy and flirty fabrics as well as matching accessories. Pastel tones are perfect to adapt to the latest color trends and also the upcoming seasons. Moreover, the loose still texture of the bulky blouse will offer you proper soothing during the hot days.

Appeal to the must have prints as polka dots and accessories as bows as these cheer up your look and also make your outfit age-appropriate. Choose as footwear stylish flats in order to feel comfortable during the various activities. Stuff your school essentials and beauty must haves into a cross-body bag and also don’t forget about other stylish details as girlie headbands and cuffs. These all further polish your look and turn you into a worth-admiring presence on the first day.


Sporty Chic Back to School Outfit

Those who would like to embrace the sporty style can have the chance to sport this stylish still sporty and comfy back to school outfit with funny t-shirts with messages as well as cute accessories as the stylish high-top shoes. These bring out the best of your figure and flash your sophisticated style sense when building up the best outfit in structure as well as in colors.

Beanies can turn your urban sportswear look into a more unique and cute ensemble. Pair it with the right hairdo and additional jewelries as funny necklaces and bracelets. These outfits though apparently too laid-back can be also enhanced with other feminine and girlie details as bags and shoe-wear. Consider your options before making a quick decision.


Dainty Floral Outfit

Flirty floral tendencies both in embellishments as well as prints landed on the runway in the collections for the next seasons. Why not start the school year with the right foot and a stylish outfit. Show off your unique and signature clothing style with this tank top, ruffled skirt combo. This will indeed make you feel up-to-date with fashion. If you feel like you show too much skin, make sure you have a cute cardigan at hand also for the colder days.

Top the overall effect with A-list Gladiators as well as pearl accessories as this bracelet here. As handbags you can choose from the stylish satchels and cross-body bags, depending on your preferences for chic or practical. Pay special attention to the color pairings in order to preserve the spotless look of your outfit.