It seems that fashion can fill your heart with joy as a variety of incredibly beautiful designs are created, as the Atelier Versace fall/winter 2010 managed to show. Atelier Versace has managed to create a big name in the fashion industry through the high end, high quality and innovative fashion designs.

Fashion plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style and a fabulous stylish outfit can instantly transform your look as well as boost your self esteem sky high. Fashion can also be a way to underline your personality and for formal occasions Atelier Versace has proposed some amazing stylish dresses for women to wear.

Dresses are definitely a must have when it comes to formal occasions and there are a variety of stylish dress designs to choose from. Atelier Versace loves to underline femininity and thus the following Atelier Versace dresses designed for the fall winter 2010 season exude femininity, sensuality, style and glamor.

Lavishing long dresses seem to be the “IT” thing of the moment as these dresses create a very sophisticated, glamorous look which suit all body types. However this doesn’t mean that short dresses are not trendy; short dresses too are a perfect option for women with beautiful legs. The dresses featured in the fall 2010 collection by Atelier Versace are absolutely stupendous and are meant to suit women with different preferences. From more classic-glam designs to uber-modern bare back designs, Atelier Versace dresses can most definitely take you out of the ordinary.

The fabrics which help the dresses exude the style and glamor are mostly silk, silk tulle and silk chiffon, these fabrics allowing the dresses to receive the right seductive posture as well as right feel. Silk is very vaporous and soft to the touch, thus it is a perfect fabric in creating skin friendly dresses which are lightweight and drape beautifully around the body.

The dresses feature fabulous relatively simple cuts which reveal the feminine forms of the body in a non-vulgar seductive manner. Long side slits seem to be popular among the dresses designs as the slit reveal very subtly the leg, creating a very seductive, elegant look which is perfect for women with fabulous legs.

The dresses designs feature mostly two straps but one shoulder dresses are also quite popular. The diversity found allows women to find a dress which suits formal occasions perfectly as well as create a great sense 0f comfort and confidence for the wearer. The colors and subtle embellishments which have been adorned on certain designs match perfectly and promote an elegant look which is perfect for women who embrace their femininity.

Choose to purchase a Atelier Versace dress from the fall winter 2010 collection or inspire yourself from the designs and create a similar dress if you are on a budget!

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