It seems that the upcoming 20th anniversary for Armani has brought a change to the table. Change especially when it comes to fashion is more than welcome as this way one can constantly maintain a high interest through fashion and style. The Armani Exchange spring/summer 2011 collection comes as a breath of fresh air bringing something new and different from what what we have been used to seeing before at Armani Exchange.

Michael Maccari, the fashion director for Armani Exchange has stated that he wanted something new for A|X: “I wanted to tone our girl and guy down a bit”, and this is exactly what he managed to do. The new designs have a more stylish casual-soft style which however maintains a high dose of seductiveness.

The fashion designs created for the Armani Exchange spring summer 2011 collection has a more laid back style, a more casual look which can be perfect for everyday wear, without causing you to lose that “spark” you usually transmit through your fabulous fashion sense. Fabulous silky dresses, denim skirts and jeans, military jackets, cargo pants, fabulous shorts, vests and playsuits have been created to bring smiles, joy, style as well as comfort to your wardrobe.

It is absolutely amazing how mixing and matching different casual-chic style fashion outfits can transform your look and underline your incredible fashion style and A|X manages to show exactly how to do this. The stylish fashion items presented complete each-other and suit women who are confident and love discovering fashion.

When it comes to men wear Armani Exchange followed the same pattern and tried to create stylish laid back outfits which have a very balanced look. Looking stylish doesn’t necessarily mean turning towards more elegant outfits, one can look stylish even when opting for a sportier look. Certain rules in fashion which have been a “must” in the past don’t apply anymore, allowing you to mix sporty fashion items with more elegant styles to boost the stylish appearance of your outfit. Nowadays you can mix and match classic canvas pants with blazers and hoodies, jeans with leather jackets and so on.

Try to experiment and put together an outfit which will make you look fab without looking like you even tried. Discover the power of fashion and opt for an outfit which states YOU! Accessories play a very important role when it comes to fashion and style so don’t hesitate to opt for dog tags, hats, stylish shoes and bags which can give the finishing touches to your stylish outfit!

Photos by John Aquino via