The new trends are placing a heavy accent on diversity and Aritzia’s on trend, high quality outfits that underline individuality and style pose as the perfect style booster. The label’s spring 2012 lookbook offers upgraded must have trends that can definitely take you out of anonymity. The expanding brand brings femininity, casualness, as well as comfort through classic items mixed and matched to result in a unique and interesting, head turning look.

Fashion is supposed to bring an explosion of energy that enables you to transmit your emotions. It’s supposed to enable men and women to have fun discovering their personality and style, and Aritzia manages to bring energy and fun as there is an intense appreciation of fashion transposed into each and every design.

Whether sporty or with a little bit of vintage vibe attached, the upcoming designs featured in the spring 2012 lookbook will surely make you feel fabulous. A high dose of style is exuded from each item whether kept simple or layered. From gorgeous simplistic oversized shirts to cool and classy maxi skirts, leggings, shorts and masculine inspired blazers ensembles, vintage dresses, capri pants and sporty jackets anything goes, so adapt the outfit to the occasion as well as to your style.

The collection features the perfect balance as far as color goes, bringing both nudes and brights to the fashion scene, so you can adapt your outfit to suit your mood. A little bit of color mixed through a predominantly nude outfit can make all the difference as far as style goes, so go for color blocks or go monochrome depending on personal preference, either way you’ll look gorgeous wearing the hottest Aritzia styles.

Photos courtesy of Aritzia Facebook