Anticipation for the next seasons of 2011 is already beginning to build up as designers and retailers alike offer us plenty suggestions when it comes to creating a fashionable look for the following season. Taking a look at some of the latest projects of some of the best known retailers is a good idea whether you are a designer only type of girl and you are just looking for some new style ideas when it comes to mixing and matching or you are looking for relatively affordable clothes and accessories for the next season.

Taking a quick sneak peek at the latest lookbook for the spring season of 2011 released by American retailer we can easily notice that although the classy style combinations as well as the clothes presented take up an important part the accessories have a quite pronounced role as well. At a first glance some might even say that is this element that distinguishes this type of lookbook from others of the same sort as for some this aspect is the one that draws the most attention.

The collaboration of the brand with Angela Lindvall is undoubtedly a well thought one as the model reflects the classy chic spirit of the outfits presented. The styles presented revolve around the casual chic and elegant category combining modern elements and some of the defining trends for the following season with classic elements that make the styles presented highly versatile and adaptable to a great variety of outfits as well as for various circumstances.

Stripes, animal and floral prints or fringes are just a few of the elements that provide a subtle reminder when it comes to some of the new fashion trends that we will become accustomed to see in the following seasons. The styles of the outfits presented offer an amazing sense of versatility and a refinement that undoubtedly appeals to those who believe that classicism never goes out of style.

From the amazing short dresses to the various business chic references that can be spotted in numerous ways throughout the collection it can be relatively easy to find a style match or at least some references that can help you perk up your own style.

If the color palette is somewhat conservative consisting mostly of neural shades, the accessories presented can undoubtedly break the monotony as there are several elements that can create interest making even the simplest outfit stand out. Green-yellow shades, amazing golden details on necklaces or fun stripe patterns and bow details have the power to draw attention in a subtle yet extremely powerful way.

If the shoe and bag designs tend to create the impression of refinement and elegance, when it comes to jewelry and particularly necklaces things tend to get a little more interesting and exciting for those who like to make a fashion statement when it comes to their accessories choices. Although there are several necklaces that tend to be rather discreet, the brand also offers plenty suggestions for those who are more interested in the oversized jewelry trend and who like more complex designs that attract attention immediately.

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