The world of fashion was struck about the unfortunate death of the designer, who had the chance to revolutionize the style tendencies and establish a heritage that would make its way even among the futuristic trends of the upcoming decades. Alexander McQueen as one of the visionary designers of the past decades managed to invite us into a brand new and more fairy-tale like fantasy world with the most sophisticated tailoring designs and patterns as well as chromatic options.

The Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Lookbook still elaborates the trademark aspects used by the late fashion guru still with a tint of novelty brought by the contribution of Sarah Burton to the warm weather collection.

If you take a closer peek at the most stylish creations of the whole ensemble you’ll find here fabulous evening gowns, cocktail and semi-formal dresses as well as chic warm weather outfits using the shorts as their base item. The soft and silky textures as well as the all silhouette-friendly tailoring will make this collection perfect for those who crave for a maxi parade of stylish outfits perfect for different occasions.

Purity and innocence is radiated by the all white ensembles that give us the chance to celebrate the hot days and feel comfortable in our clothes. The fabulous long gowns as well as stylish mini dresses all are some of the must have elements of the collection. These decorated with ruffles and floral patterns as well as studs and metallic details will definitely make all fashionistas sigh. Monochromatic outfits are perfect to make a smashing impression and play up our feminine and high class style-consciousness. The stylish white suits paired with silky tops and shirts as well as the key heels all contribute to the lady-like allure of the whole Alexander McQueen SS 2011 collection.

Black belongs to the favorite option of Alexander McQueen as it is the best means to enhance the dazzling style creations with a tint of Goth glamor. Lace designs as well as the softness and dazzle of the chiffon embedded into these unique red-carpet-worth looks will turn these dresses into real pieces of art. Royal prints as well as the most refined details would boost the baroque and visionary look of these attires. Explore the sensuous allure of these dresses also accessorized with statement clutches, lace up shoes as well as the mesmerizing wide belts.

Devote special attention to the color palette as well as each dress and apparel and notice how all the details are chosen with extreme care and a well-define purpose. Combining the golden tones with black and white is indeed one of the signature secret weapons of the Alexander McQueen fashion house to pull off a complete collection of timeless dresses and gowns that should feature in the wardrobe of all ardent high couture junkies.

Image courtesy of Alexander McQueen