After losing the amazingly talented fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the fashion industry felt a certain void as this loss meant the loss of a fashion designer which always brought innovation to the fashion podiums. Alexander McQueen’s fashion collections have always managed to pleasantly surprise his fans and fashion critiques, through the interesting and unique outfits designed. The Alexander McQueen fashion show was always one of the most awaited fashion shows and it’s not difficult to see why.

After his death his right hand and design assistant, Sarah Burton was appointed creative director for the designers famous label. Sarah needed to finish his fall 2010 collection and create the Alexander McQueen 2011 spring/summer collection to ensure the name Alexander McQueen will maintain its status.

It seems that Sarah Burton, who was working for Alexander McQueen for more than a decade, since 1996, was the most indicated person to help carry out his legacy. Alexander McQueen’s vision of fashion is difficult to follow but Sarah Burton seems to have done a great job in maintaining some of the dominant characteristics of McQueen’s designs while still adding a bit of her into the collection.

The Alexander McQueen 2011 spring/summer fashion collection seems to maintain vivid the memory of Alexander McQueen as the collection followed the same path McQueen got us used to. Narrow tail coats, low rise trousers, peaked shoulder outfits, edgy designs are all a McQueen signature which Sarah managed to maintain.

The collection followed a fabulous path which seems to be taken out of a story, featuring feathery designs, embroidery, ruffles, butterfly applications. All these details were fabulously displayed on the runway fashion presentations and everyone loved them.

Sarah Burton opted for a more softer collection but still a fashion collection which attracted a generous amount of attention. A combination of brights and darks with a tint of nature influence made a spectacle and helped keep the interest towards the collection high, just as McQueen managed to do.

We regret the passing of the visionary that was Alexander McQueen but we are happy that his name will be carried on with the help of his ex-assistant. We are looking forward to seeing more of her work done for the Alexander McQueen brand!

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