The ’80 were super fun when it came to clothing and the vintage look is back this season. The look transformed a bit but the styles definitely left their print over the fashion collections. The chunky jewelery, shoulder pads, leggings, jumpsuits and acid washed jeans are back and they are fabulous.

For casual wear, the acid washed jeans and ’80 inspired printed T-shirts are great. Long T-shirts with prints of bands and TV cartoons that were popular in the ’80 are in. The shoulder pads are again very popular. Designers have created lines of clothings which include the shoulder pads. Celebrities are going crazy after this fashion trend and they look fabulous.

The leggings are super hot. Too bad they are not for everyone because you need to have stunning legs to be able to wear them. Latex leggings are very popular right now and Hollywood celebrities are rocking this fashion item.

The jumpsuit has suffered some design changes and it looks super hot. It can be worn by every woman because there are several styles that are appropriate for each body type. They come in different lengths so they look good on tall or short women.

Tunics were very popular in the ’80s and they still are. They are made from different types of fabric, therefore, they can be worn for different occasions. They are very flattering for the body especially for women who have a little bit of extra tummy because they give a slimming effect. Embroidered or simple, colorful or neutral, tunics are gorgeous.

Chunky jewelry is definitely a YES this season if worn properly of course. I love this type of jewelry because they can help transform an outfit from simple to wow. Hoop, chandelier or elongated earrings, gem stones or beaded chunky accessories are a must. They look great and they come in a variety of colors, so what can be hotter than that?

Photo credit: July/August 2009 issue of Numero Tokyo