Appearances do count a lot when it comes to everyday social interactions and communication. Paying attention to some small details can really make a difference to your look. Some fashionable pieces worn with style and refinement will make you feel great in your own skin and look gorgeous as well.

Our dressing style not only affects the way people form an opinion about us but it is equally important in the functions we have in the society and in our job also. Style and good taste does not depend on money or social status.

The way we dress and choose our clothes is influenced by peer pressure, social expectations and last but not least our own fashion taste. Read our tips below and find out how to improve your style sense so that you can find the clothes that are fitting well on your and make you look impeccable all the time.

When it comes to dressing, style is even more important then fashion. Attitude is key to obtaining a winning look. The first major thing is to feel confident about yourself and the clothes your are wearing. Dare to experiment with new outfits in order to find those items that suit your style and your personality.

This way you can easily learn which are those cuts and colors that flatter your body type. Being stylish is not about brands and sizes but rather about items that flatter your figure and highlight your assets.

Take a closer look at your wardrobe and try to select clothes that are outdated or do not suit you. Get rid off all those items that you do not feel comfortable wearing. Prepare your closet for some stylish new acquisitions that you are going to purchase item by item.

Shop for timeless, classic pieces, which will work great with any type of outfit and any occasion. Versatility is of key importance when selecting new clothes. Try to consider your closet as an investment. Therefore, include as many must have pieces as possible.

Make sure your wardrobe contains some staple pieces, which will work well in every season, regardless of the actual fashion trends. A classic little black dress, a pair of classic black pants, a versatile cardigan, a classy trench coat in neutral colors, a pair of jeans that flatter your figure, a wrap dress, an elegant skirt or a white silk shirt are all amongst those basic pieces that you need to have in your closet. These pieces are excellent, stylish choices, since you can mix and match them with some fashionable items of the season as well as spice up with a few funky accessories. Even a simple earring or necklace can enhance your style, giving you a fabulous look.

If you want to create a more positive attitude towards you own fashion sense, dress as if you are going out even when you stay at home. Paying attention to the clothes you wear everyday will change your attitude towards style and confidence. This requires little effort but can really be helpful in improving your style sense.

One of the most important things when it comes to dressing is to know your body shape and how to dress according to your flaws and assets. Knowing your assets as well as the less advantageous spots on your body will help you to select clothes that flatter your figure, balancing your proportions and giving you a delicate, feminine silhouette. Find out how to hide a bulging tummy, larger breasts or wide hips and which are those clothes that aren’t flattering for you. Learning what to wear to optically create a proportionate body, will help you to dress stylish and wear your clothes with confidence, which will definitely be noticed by the people around you.

Summer is here and this is the best time to make some elementary transformations and create a whole new you. Get rid of all those items that you do not feel comfortable wearing and experiment with many different styles and colors so that you can find pieces that work best for your personality and individual body type. Follow these easy tips and impress your friends and colleagues with your gorgeous style.