Five of the most severe fashion rules became more permissive for spring/summer 2010. So, if you want to try something different and mix prints, colors and things that you normally wouldn’t dare, here’s a list of fashion rules that you are allowed to break.

Matching shoes and handbag

Today this is no longer a mandatory fashion rule, unless your outfit is a crazy combination of colors and

Mixing different prints

Mixing prints has always been a complex choice and represented a tricky business as if you failed in combining them properly, your outfit could become a real disaster. However, this is no longer a problem because prints are much more permissive and easier to match. The only thing to take into consideration is to make sure that you pair a print with a dominant color with another print of the same dominant color. Therefore, you are free to mix floral prints and dots, check materials and stripes, and other different prints.

Wearing sequins only on a night out

Lately, sequins are everywhere. If traditionally this type of embellishment was strictly meant only for nighttime, things have changed and sparkle become a part of a daytime outfit too. If you want to introduce sequins into your everyday wardrobe, think of choosing sparkle on simple cuts and always pick sequins that compliment your skin complexion. By matching a pair of jeans with a white, simple tee and a sequined blazer you’ll certainly be a versatile appearance. If you have the courage and you are a bit bolder, match a soft sweater with a pair of sequined pants. You can also match a sequined top with gray skinny jeans, a casual blazer and high heels.

Wearing denim on denim

Denim became the ultimate must-have item for spring/summer 2010. It has been reloaded and reinvented, and presented in different shapes and colors on the catwalks. So, you don’t have to worry anymore that wearing a head-to-toe denim outfit will put you on the fashion faux-pas list. This year everything is possible when talking about matching denim.

Mixing black with navy or brown

The myth that mixing black and navy blue or brown is a fashion no-no has been finally shattered. Designers such as Marc Jacobs and or Gucci have successfully presented juxtapositions of black and navy-blue and brown. In fact, black and brown do work together as long as you don’t pair black brown shoes with black pants. As black, brown and navy are all neutrals they can be matched with almost everything, even each other.