Browsing through the latest designer collections for the spring 2011 season, we are able to spot various visions and influences that shape the season’s main fashion trends. Even though busy patterns as well as well as summerish prints might have come in the spotlight, there’s no need to underestimate the great variety of options available out there.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2011 Lookbook takes a little step further from the norm by adopting a less conventional look, based on geometric principles as well as skillful and alluring texture combinations with a few minimalistic touches. Opting for a rather restrictive color palette, the lookbook is focused around many neutrals and a few pastel touches along the way for a greater diversity.

Layering, asymmetry and outfit complexity seem to have been the main concepts behind the latest 3.1 Philip Lim collection. Combining different colors with subtle variations and taking advantage of the layering technique to highlight the complexity of each outfit the looks presented surpass the casual zone being more appropriate for office settings or different other occasions where opting for a casual outfit would not exactly match the occasion.

Day dresses, above the knee skirts, high waist pants or suits are among the dominant pieces in the lookbook. The great versatility of these outfits makes them perfect fashion investments due to the endless mixing and matching options they provide as well as their classic elegance. Modern and stylish due to various asymmetric touches yet highly classical and refined at the same time, the looks have a noticeable utilitarian vibe. Accessories are kept at a bare minimum being used only to add functionality to the outfits. The handbags are spacious, with minimal details without any obvious embellishments that would limit their versatility.

Even though dressy day outfits seem to be the main focus of the lookbook, dressier options for more formal occasions are also briefly displayed. These looks follow the similar style rules described earlier and as a result, minimalism is a key word. Simple yet sexy and refined nonetheless, these outfit choices are a clear proof that less can truly be more. However in these cases the accessorizing properly becomes an absolute must.

All in all the 3.1 Phillip Lim lookbook is a great source of style inspiration for those who gravitate towards a more minimalistic look with various geometric touches that are evident at the first glance. Clean, based on neutral colors and functional accessories the looks presented are very versatile and easy to adopt on a regular basis, being a good match for those who are willing to embrace a classic look that emphasizes their features discreetly.

Photo courtey of 3.1 Phillip Lim