When it comes to choosing the wedding dress it is never too soon to start looking for the perfect one. If you are planning to get married in 2011, you should take a look to some of the wedding dress trends. It seems that those of you who are more into the romantic style you’ll have no problem in finding the dress of your dreams, as 2011 trends are the expression of romantic, fairytale bride, with vulnerable, fine shapes and fragile details that perfectly emphasize the femininity of the bride. Therefore, there is no problem in starting your “hunting” process as the sooner the better. Don’t forget the accessories, as well your the perfect wedding hairstyle and bridal makeup look.

For 2011, forget about all kind of embellishments and get ready to shine in a simple wedding dress that can totally flatter every bride-to-be regardless her body type. Empire style gowns with fine straps for a romantic and innocent look. Moreover, one could see the Greek goddess inspiration on different breezy dresses. Several tulle layers add movement and volume to the dress. Sweet, bohemian looks are totally “in” for next year.

Another interesting approach was the one using contrasting textures, such as dresses with lots of volume in the lower part and super tight-fitting in the upper part. This effect is also very highly encouraged by different fabric combinations. There are certain fabrics more rigid, like mikado and lace. On the other hand, besides romantic, feminine dresses, there are also others more architectural with well-defined and rigid structures.

For 2011, expect to draw all the attention towards the back as designers created amazing details and necklines. Asymmetrical necklines or dresses full of precious stones with a ’30s feeling are among the most stylish 2011 trends. If you are looking for shorter dresses, keep in mind that these are simple with a certain urban touch. Romantic means flowers. Well, for 2011 you have a flower-power wedding and putting flowers on your dress. You can choose one that resembles with a breathtaking field adorned with flowers, or ones with feathers and precious stones

The timeless trend that will never go out of style is the romantic one expressed by the right chromatic palette. For 2011, ivory, peachy, very light pink are some of the most important color trends when it comes to wedding dresses. As for the colors chosen, you can choose more classic one or on the contrary go for more daring options such as black or red. If you are the non-conformist type and you want to have a lot of fun to your own wedding, there is another solution, a more colorful or printed one. However, if you want to stick to the timeless, romantic choice, there are so many stunning white and champagne-colored weeding dresses. You can also choose a dress in an earthy tone.

Not only the dress is important for the wedding. In order to get the perfect result you are looking for, it is essential to prepare every little detail. For example, the hairstyle you choose can make or break your entire look.

For 2011, braids, top knots, and different hair accessories are really hot, and they seem to successfully replace the classic veil. As for makeup, get ready to shock. Forget about all those natural colors and use red on your lips and smokey eyes makeup. However, if you are not so daring, pick coral or try a nude makeup.