Summer is around the corner and choosing the perfect swimwear as well is very important. Women should look stylish every time, no matter the location, this is what femininity is all about in the end. The 2010 bathing suit trends are exquisite, the designs create a delight and they are meant to suit different tastes.

Because vintage styles have had a great influence in the 2010 fashion trends, bathing suit trends have also been inspired from those gorgeous times. The styles of the designs can be easily divided into three categories: simple, vintage and modern. Every style has something unique, something which attracts attention and helps create a very sensual and attractive look. The 2010 spring summer swimsuit trends are all about style and individuality.

Cut outs Cut outs are one of the most trendy and sexy bathing suit styles for the 2010 season. Whether subtle cuts or huge chunky rips, these bathing suits look spectacular. They reveal the beautiful forms of the body, yet they conceal a certain amount of skin making the style mysterious and sexy at the same time. The colors, whether simple earthy toned or powerful, emphasize the design of the clothing.

Vintage styles The vintage inspired designs have an incredible look. Vintage, yet modern through the powerful coloration, they are perfect for the stylish women who love pin-up fashion styles. These type of bathing suits whether one or two piece take you back to the ’50’s and help you underline your style.

Emilio Pucci 2010 Gucci Resort 2010 Diane von Furstenberg 2010 Diane von Furstenberg 2010

Modern two piece Two piece bathing suits are modern bathing suit styles which can create different looks, depending on the cut and coloration. Vivid colors as well as simple monochromes look gorgeous and suit everyone’s style.

Classic one piece The one piece bathing suit seems to be timeless and can suit everyone. Thin or curvy women can look beautiful with this swimsuit style due to the flattering cut and designs. Choose a strapless, one shoulder or regular one piece bathing suit in one or multiple colors and you will look beautiful.

Lacoste 2010 Roberto Cavalli 2010 Diane Von Furstenberg Diane Von Furstenberg 2010

Choose the right bathing suit style for you in the 2010 season, so you can be admired by everyone. Being stylish is not only about daytime and evening wear, it is about paying attention to every detail all the time. Photos via