There is a new trend in town and it’s looking absolutely fabulous. The 2010 new trend hot short shorts seems to have caught everyone’s attention through its unbelievably hot and sexy style. Sexy seems to be the way to go this 2010 spring summer season as most designers have concluded that skin is in and the more skin you reveal, the better.

This style is actually a comeback, as this type of shorts were highly popular in the 70’s. The hot short shorts are again in the center of attention and there is no surprise why. They are sexy and capture attention just as a magnet. It is absolutely amazing to observe how fashion trends evolve and return to shine again, as this fashion trendswas at the beginning appropriate for aerobics and gymnastics. A gym outfit which through time has managed to evolve into a quite appealing street outfit.

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Short shorts have made themselves observed on the catwalks this year as many fashion designers opted for this type of retro outfit to be a part of their collections. The hot short shorts or hotpants have made such a good impression, celebrities are going crazy for them. Wearing this type of outfit is not one of the easiest things as only women with feminine curves and supple bodies can benefit completely from the hot shorts sexy style. They reveal a great amount of skin, similar to lingerie, this is why when opting for this outfit one must pay a great amount of attention. If you get it right, you will capture all the attention and look fabulous, as if you get it wrong, the result will be disastrous. Hot short shorts look best if assorted with gorgeous feminine blouses, matching blazers and super hot high heels. The ideas given by celebrity stylists are wonderful so you can inspire your hot pants outfit from your favorite celebrity like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more.

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This type of short shorts vary in design and range from regular to high waisted to offer the feminine figure the best benefits as women have different body types. It is absolutely amazing how a simple outfit can transform a persons look, and this short shorts style can do wonders. Different types of vaporous blouses or tops, masculine type blazers, oversized handbags and gorgeous high heels create the perfect outfit for you to wear. This is a type of outfit suitable for certain occasions, less formal occasions which don’t require a certain formal attire. Inspire your outfit from the latest designer collections from 2010 so you can look absolutely fabulous. Photos via