Tights have left their print in the clothing industry for centuries now and they were first introduced to men since women were used to wearing skirts and dresses all the time. With time, as fashion began to evolve tights began to be worn by women as well, while fewer and fewer men used them. In the present they are mostly worn by women, babies and toddlers.

The fashion industry of today considers tights to be very practical, feminine, fun and stylish to wear. The difference between pantyhose and tights consists in the density of the fibers called deniers. It is considered that anything below 40 deniers are pantyhose and everything above that are tights.

Tights have become very popular because they offer several benefits. They can enhance the legs, make them better sculpted since they are tight around the legs (that is why they are called tights) and help create a very sexy yet classic look.

Fashion designers have created incredible looking outfits which work perfectly with tights. The opaque tights are actually one of the latest fashion trends. Fashion designers all over the world considered that the opaque tights are one of the must haves of the 09/10 fall/winter fashion. The opaque tights can be seen all over the runways because they blend so well with so many outfits. Opaque tights look great with high thigh boots, glam booties, platform sandals and lace-up boots, all of the latest shoe trends of the season. They can be worn with short pants, skirts, maxi sweaters and mini dresses.

Opaque tights are being manufactured in a variety of colors and deniers just so they can be worn comfortably in the warmer and the colder seasons as well and so they could be easily mixed and matched.

They are very comfortable and very stylish if worn with the appropriate outfit. A lot of women have fallen in love with this trend just because they are so versatile and comfortable to wear. Inspire your outfits from runway models and favorite Hollywood celebrities.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2009/2010 Fashion