This season we are beginning to see a high focus on simple yet uber elegant pieces that can easily become signature accessories and the Z Spoke by Zac Posen fall/winter 2012 handbag collection is definitely a good candidate to consider if you are interested in such types of pieces. A high degree of refinement and sophisticated simplicity combine for a myriad of gorgeous feminine alternatives which can definitely spice up an outfit without being conspicuous.

Those who love luxurious details will definitely appreciate the interest and sophistication exotic skin textures exude. On the other hand, if you are a girly girl at heart, you can definitely opt for a big textural bow to really add a fun flair to your looks. Whether you are a simplicity advocate or a classy girl who loves feminine vibes, the new collection can definitely answer to your style needs. With a fairly generous color palette, the new options can appeal to both color lovers and those focused on maximum versatility.

Practical alternatives are the ones that unquestionably dominate, however, if you’re more interested in more discreet options and storage is not your immediate concern, clutches might be the more appropriate choice. Whether you like fun textural details or matte, simple designs, you can find a style to suit your preferences in the newest collection. The alternatives have a timeless yet modern vibe that instantly steals the spotlight.

Returning back to basics and adding a fun twist to things can definitely go a long way and the newest alternatives from the Z Spoke by Zac Posen are a fabulous example that instantly makes any outfit more complex and definitely more fun. Opt for elegant and versatile accessories and you’ll never end up regretting your choice or find yourself regretting an impulse decision.

Photo courtesy of Zac Posen