One iconic YSL bag is Muse, which in time has gained the status of one of the “it” bags in fashion. It has been spotted on many celebrities, like Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton or the Olsen twins. If we’re actually wondering why so many celebrities are so much into this specific YSL handbag, there’s only a simple answer: it’s gorgeous.

The YSL style, the refinement in any detail, the fact that it’s roomy, is the perfect carryall bag anyone dreams of. Available for $1300, the Muse bag comes in two different sizes, the regular and a larger one, the first being suitable as a day bag, while the larger is perfect for overnighters. But Muse also comes in various colors, being one of the most versatile bags out there: white, black, brown, crocodile, ostrich, linen and other animal skins. Depending on the chosen fabric, the YSL Muse bag’s price might rise to $20,000.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Muse Two is, compared to the classical Muse, sportier and edgy. Available in multiple sizes and made form a wide range of fabrics, each colored differently, this is “the” urban bag to have this season. This rather pricey bag seems to enjoy a great success and popularity, but, just by looking at it, this isn’t actually a surprise.

Muse Two comes in three different sizes, a large one ($1,895), a medium one ($1,645) and the mock croc version. This last one might cost even $5,995, if one chooses the ostrich version. The patchwork bag has perfect detailing: gold tone hardware, flaps made entirely of leather, from the front to the back and both sides, black suede trim and lining, an internal designer leather plaque, fold-over flap, a clasp to fasten.