Thanks to various clever marketing techniques passed on throughout the years we have all began to accept the idea that the choices we make when it comes to accessories should reflect our personality. However, even though we are very convinced that handbags are a reflection of our unique personality most of us would be at a loss when it comes to explaining why we always tend to go for tote bags or clutches when making a purchase. Psychologists on the other hand seem to have uncovered some of personality traits that influence our decisions at least when it comes to handbags.

Shoulder bags Shoulder bags tend to be chosen by highly practical women which tend to be highly decisive at the same time. Usually these persons have no problem deciding what they want and don’t mind working hard to get what they desire. If you are also inclined to go for a bag that has separate compartments for everything you hate clutter and want to have control over most aspects in your life.

Tote bags These bags are likely to be chosen by free spirited women who don’t like to stick to normal conventions as they are adventurous by nature and are always excited by changes instead of being afraid of them. Although they might have a fun and romantic side, women who choose this type of bag are often very practical as well being often more powerful than they let others think they are.

Clutches Those who like to choose clutches both for formal as well as day to day occasions are often very independent being very self assured at the same time. They often like to do things on their own and because they have mastered the art of carrying only the essentials with them they tend to be highly organized as well.

Oversized bags Those who love large bags tend to be quite generous by nature while also having a conservative side. Although women who choose this type of bags have no problem when it comes to deciding what they want and setting goals they tend to be quite cautious and prudent when faced with important decisions in life and might hesitate a while before making a final decision.

Ostentatious bags Whether we are taking about several noticeable details or a various unusual shapes that might even come of as a little eccentric, women who choose this type of bag love to have fun and to be noticed for their courageous choices. At the same time those who like these types of bags can be very emotional at times and even sensitive at times. One thing’s for sure though: they cannot be blamed of not expressing their feelings.

Minimalistic designs Usually those who choose bags with minimalistic designs like to invest in quality instead of quantity and want something that will assist them in all areas of life for various occasions. Those who opt for this type of handbag are often calm, easy going and often value functionality above all. Stability and predictability are often some of the core values that are important for those who tend to opt for this types of bag styles.

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