Although a newcomer when it comes to high fashion, Victoria Beckham managed to establish herself as a reputable designer with an impeccable approach to fashion, making the front line along with internationally renowned designers that have been in the industry for decades. The diva’s latest accessories collection, her spring 2012 handbag line demonstrates her label’s approach to style, and the designs are definitely worth all the attention.

Victoria Beckham’s spring 2012 handbag collection features classic lines that make the designs both timeless and contemporary and that can be worn from day to evening effortlessly. Each of the pieces featured in the collection, and there are various designs to choose from, have a bit of Victoria’s posh attitude and style infused in.

From classic shoulder bags to classy totes and stylish clutches, each design captures attention and has something to say as far as style goes. Handbags are meant to be more than just a way to carry personal belongings, but a way to personalize an outfit, making it look different, complete, and Victoria Beckham’s spring 2012 bags can definitely complete the appearance of any outfit.

The simplicity and softness of the designs are balanced by the boldness of the fabrics through color of fabric mix, so prepare to be dazzled by both monochrome and two tone designs. Cool two-tone leather and suede shoulder bags will give you a classy yet modern allure, while plain leather totes and clutches featuring a bright coloration give your look a bit of an edge.

Because a classic is best underlined by timeless hues such as black, grey and camel, the collection features these universally flattering hues, so you can maintain your style icon attitude without even trying too much. The fabrics accentuate the deluxe style of the collection, so prepare to be dazzled by high quality suede, leather, snakeskin and textile combos. The designs can be found in various colors enabling you to find the perfect style booster, so take a peek at the new collection and pick your new season favorites.

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