The upcoming season is full of stylish surprises. Times changes faster than we can imagine and perspectives tend to follow. A significant choice in perspective can also be sensed in Donatella’s view of the new season symbols and creative insights. After the rather optimistic sea-world inspired Versace spring/summer 2012 collection, the label puts extravagant luxury with gothic vibes on the spotlight. Seductive alternatives to show off your glam side will definitely prove hard to resist for hardcore fans of the brand.

The edginess factor is definitely the main focus and the motifs selected to represent the new style direction focus around crosses and chains, a common and very representative choice. Embellishments transform the dark symbol into a fabulous style statement that cannot go by unnoticed. Edgy touches, leather and studs combos, powerful contrasts and the undeniable rock’n roll allure transform the gorgeous offerings into immediate collector’s items.

Still, those who aren’t fans of very explicit goth culture symbols, even in the exquisite ulta luxurious style approach adopted by the high end brand won’t have to walk away disappointed, since the label doesn’t limit itself to offering fabulous edgy clutches. Fans of modern vibes such as bold tones and exotic skin textures will still have a few gorgeous alternatives worth indulging in. Plus, the return of the logo will also add a touch of edginess complemented by the high quality patent leather.

Practical options with lots of intricate textural details are also present and cater to the customer who views high-end accessory shopping as an investment. Functionality with subtle yet powerful style elements is the style direction adopted and the strictly controlled style palette is selected precisely to meet these well justified requirements of maximum practicality. Edgy yet balanced, the new collection highlights a new exciting style for the Versace luxury brand.

Versace Fall 2012 Handbags Versace Fall 2012 Handbags

Photo courtesy of Versace