We’re beginning to see quite a strong return to basics in many of the most important luxury brands’ collections for the fall/winter season. Rather than going for conspicuous designs and statement pieces, the most important designers are bringing back the classic touches that easily defined elegance for decades. This return to classics is the dominant vibe that can also be sensed in Valentino’s newest collection for the cold seasons of the year.

The label has selected high quality fabrics and chose to blend everyday alternatives with evening clutches giving a series of interesting options as a result. Chromatically speaking, the label has adopted a similar view and chose to limit istelf to the tones that proved bestsellers over the years: black, red and camel. The luxurious vibe of the looks is easily sensed through the exotic skin texture motifs which immediately closes the gap between classic designs and modern elements. Once again, moderation seems to be the magic formula for total amazement.

For those with a soft spot for romantic designs, the label has prepared floral patterns with a lace effect in the same simple yet ultra effective approach. However, the brand didn’t forget those who, despite the fact that they appreciate classy designs, crave a little edginess. A few studs have beautifully taken care of the issue, managing to stay modern without going overboard. Staying fab doesn’t mean resorting to the fad du jour and the multitude of fabulous offerings by Valentino are a powerful proof of this fact.

Photo courtesy of Valentino