If you were looking for a designer who managed to transpose the old time classy deigning patters to modern times blurring up the limitations when it comes of color palette, Tory Burch is your ‘man’. Undoubtedly the repeated success of the fashion demi-goddess can be attributed to her wearable and feminine chic ensembles that appeal to colors when it comes of making a statement preserving the fine and neat line of the clothing items and complete apparels.

This fabulous contrast between modern and old school is also visible during the SS 2011 show which lined up a multitude of stylish skirts and dresses as well as silhouette-polishing pants using some of the most popular and breezy fabrics of the season.

Taking a closer look at the Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2011 Handbags will offer us an insight into the few designer collections that appeal to the crowd offering ladies the chance to pair the stylish and pretty minimalist designs with their office as well as casual chic outfits. If you are a fan of high class simplicity combined with an unlimited chromatic palette make sure you won’t skip taking a tour in the fabulous realm Tory Burch envisioned for the warm season. Hit the stores also for the latest Tory Burch accessories that furnish you with the best style pieces to warm up a windy day and make you feel not literally but in a more pleasant way hotter than ever.

One of the main mass tendency Tory Burch decided to break with is to flood the handbags with great and eye-popping logos. Instead this time she opts for a micro-label that would reveal the name of the brand without making a smashing visual impression. Minimalism is the buzzword when it comes of tailoring, the clean definition given thanks to the streamlined structure as well as additional precise detailing all contribute to the style perspective of Tory Burch related to the ideal and universal accessories that would serve as a key piece of every fashionistas wardrobe.

In terms of color the successful designer managed to echo a more Preppy -chic inspired allure using bright tones as well as neutral combined in the same line. Leather handbags were drenched in bright jade green as well as white, yellow and even orange. Those who are thrilled to add a more vibrating patch to their wardrobe and outfits in general will have the opportunity to do it by sporting some of these totes and shoulder bags.

Straw handbags can be also considered some of the ultra-feminine and must have accessories of the summer. Therefore to fulfill the mass need of ladies Tory Burch included into the the fabulous collection similar handbags that come in medium size complemented with leather trim. Update your wardrobe with the most inspiring handbags of the season and skim through the collection presented by Tory Burch to know all the wardrobe pieces a modern style kitten should have in her closet.

Photo by Courtesy of Tory Burch via WWD.com