The new season provides plenty of exciting opportunities to stand out, especially accessories-wise where playing with tones, patterns and textures all at once is not only allowed but also highly encouraged. For those who believe that accessories can be the most expressive part of an outfit and see handbags as the perfect way to reflect their view on the new season trends, the newest Tory Burch handbag collection will definitely prove an arm candy inspiration basis.

Playing safe as far as handbags are concerned can often translate into missed opportunities to make a statement and inject a sophisticated touch to an outfit. If you share a similar view, you’ll be delighted to spot a multitude of fab design that are beautifully designed to support such style perspective. It’s no secret that animal prints dominate the new season trends, which is why we get to see a multitude of alternatives based on the uber popular pattern.

There are alternatives for a variety of comfort levels. On the subtler side, we have animal prints combined with the luxurious exotic skin texture for a classy allure. On a bolder side, we are able to see bold print mixing. Animal print mixes are certainly a fun alternative but you can also choose different print mixes for an interesting touch. Still, if you’re not exactly an animal print fan, there’s no need to feel left out as the label has plenty of other cute options to capture your attention. Zig zag patterns or abstract touches are other fun alternatives.

If you’re still interested in rocking floral prints during the upcoming rainy days, you can definitely do so. The brand offers a few interesting takes on the trend, either through gorgeous print styles or from a textural point of view. Whimsical or trendy…take your pick. You have plenty of opportunities to shine either way. Stay true to your style personality but dare to take calculated risks once in a while. You’ll certainly have fun exploring new creative approaches and varying your look without making a lot of effort. Pick your favorite trends and then dare to make a fun statement with your accessories. Shop Tory Burch handbags at Bloomingdale’sicon!

Tory Burch Fall 2012 Handbags

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch