As mentioned many times before, this past season an older trend is making its comeback. The ’80s are back with all their opulence, glam, bold candy colors and some pleated and quilted designs. Designers like Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu quickly applied this new and re-interpreted perspective into ’80s inspired handbags.

What’s hot this season? Rough rocker chic, high shine or metallic themes, animal prints – the Balmain Suede Baby Punk shoulder bag, the Marc Jacobs Wrath Studded leather bag, the D&G Crystal Covered Vlada bag, the Coach Studded Sabrina, etc.

Textured handbags are definitely crazy this fall, no wonder that many designers insist on twisted leather pleating, bold stitching and sparkling stones. Marc Jacobs did it in his St. Marks Stam Satchel, or the Valentino Kaleido Tote.

(left: Balmain Suede Baby Punk shoulder bag, Marc Jacobs Wrath Studded leather bag, middle: Valentino Kaleido Gem Embellished Tote, right: D&G Crystal Covered Vlada bag, Coach Studded Sabrina)

Bold colors are awesome, also inspired by the 80’s and the 90’s chromatic colors. After all, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors include several hobos, totes and satchels in bold eye-catching colors.

(clockwise: Marc Jacobs Fuchsia Quilted Leather Hobo, Michael Kors Neon Patent Leather clutches, Louis Vuitton Monogram Double Jeu Neo bag, Fendi Beaded Baguette bag, Gucci Oxidized Icon Bit bag and Valentino Paillette-Embellished Tote)

Clutches are maybe the universal accessory, very handy at any time. That’s why we strongly recommend clutches – encrusted with gemstones, embellished with sequins, made of luxurious materials. They can be the key-element that can turn you into the most chic or glamorous woman.

(clockwise: top Rodo Rigid Crystal clutch, Diane Von Furstenberg Hayworth clutch, Valentino Beaded-Embroided Satin clutch, Gucci Python Journal clutch, Vera Wang Niki bag and Givenchy Mini clutch)

Metal chains and studs details, metallic sheen, it’s all permitted. So don’t be afraid to express yourself in any way you want, because, when it comes to handbags, you can have it all! Have fun!