Nobody would have done it better that Valentino when it comes to beautiful bags that easily remind of a wallflower. When it comes to handbags, Valentino is a true genius that mixes vision, beauty, comfort and luxury in a very versatile way as managed with the Floral Applique Bags.

The Floral Applique Tote is perhaps one of the most beautiful designs of this line of works. With a strong floral design, in a very bold, but subtle in the same time, this bag is clearly a striking piece of creation signed by Valentino.

Valentino Floral Applique Tote

Crafted in silk fabric and covered with floral rosettes, the Floral Applique Tote has a three-dimensional aspect, perhaps due to the touch of different shades of intense blue. This bag also features high-gloss patent leather, double flat handles, top trimmings, a logo plaque with patent trim and a small band closure on top.

This is a handbag that speaks luxury, and it is priced at $2,150.

Floral Applique Bags by Valentino

The Valentino Floral Applique Clutch is another beautiful work of art. The Floral Applique Clutch is rather a sassy bag, made of black leather, with floral appliques, of course, and it features a shoulder strap with golden rings and leather bow.

The Valentino Floral Applique Satchel is somewhere between function and art, as not all designers creations are entirely wearable all the time. This unique bag is covered in tightly-packed silk roses; the construction of the tote’s exterior is amazing. The silk blooms create a stunning three-dimensional ombre effect.