The unique concept of the Dancing Bags collection by Amalia Mattaör answers the problems women face when attending an evening event. The Dancing Bags are perfect for those moments in which you want to have fun and not worry about holding your bag wherever you go. The bags are ingeniously attached to the hand and feature lovely designs that attract a great amount of attention.

The Dancing Bags collection by Amalia Mattaör poses as a great solution to women’s problems so if you’re planning to go out and have a blast, put your personal belongings in your favorite Dancing Bag and you’re good to go.

Ambiguity beige avec pierres Ambiguity noir sans pierres

Amalia Mattaör draws her inspiration from the art world and she tries to combine these artistic details with the inspirations given by the body and soul. All these sources of inspiration transpose into fabulously, practical accessory designs which should definitely not miss from a woman’s wardrobe. Amalia Mattaör is known for her incredible talent which has helped her build a wonderful career in the fashion industry, having opened big doors for herself, such as from the LVMH group, Kenzo, Technomarine and many more others.

Delight noir sans pierres Destiny noir argente

When it comes to accessories, uniqueness, sophistication, details as well as practicality are very important and Amalia Mattaör manages to create a perfect balance between all these must have characteristics – a balance which manages to satisfy the demands of some of the most pretentious customers.

The Dancing Bags collection by Amalia Mattaör features 7 fabulous bag exemplars. The bags are made out of leather, most commonly fish leather such as from salmons or eels, as these skins are softer and more luxurious.

The dancing bags are perfect for women who adopt a unique fashion style, women who are confident and who can make the bags look like a part of themselves.

Joy noir Surprise dore sans pierres

What’s your opinion about the Dancing Bags collection? Would you consider purchasing these one of a kind bags? If so, which design appeals to you most?

Photo courtesy of Amalia Mattaör