Bags are indispensable accessories especially during the day, when women have to keep all the things they need, in one place. Therefore, this season’s handbags have to be eye-catching and fashionable, but practical and comfortable also. Handbags differ in size, textures, colors and style, depending on the occasion and every woman’s personal preference.

This year’s fashion handbags are a great combination of small clutches and large sized bags, that are still chic in 2010. Boho bags, woven textures, bright colors, long straps, braided handles, pleats, animal prints, exotic and elegant fabrics and subtle embroideries are the main features of the hottest handbags of 2010. Many bags offer double carry possibilities, having both shoulder straps and top handles also, which makes them even more comfortable for everyday use.

Besides the usual pastels, neon colors and jewel tones are also very popular this year. This year’s hottest handbags wear the color of germ stones: ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, and purple amethyst. Jewel toned handbags can be found in different shades of these germs, from the deeper tones to pale hues. Neon colors are also back in fashion, bringing back the 80s retro vibe. Wearing a neon colored handbag or clutch is a great way to bring a burst of color and add some fun to a neutral toned outfit.

Bags with chain links seem to be a great choice for this year. These are very stylish accessories on handbags and clutches as well. When talking about chain straps, over packing your handbag might be uncomfortable. If you don’t like simple bag designs and you search for a funkier look, choose a handbag with just a short chain link, to accentuate your style. This small detail can add a glam to your whole appearance.

If you would like to add some hippie feel to your look, fringy boho-chic handbags are a perfect choice. Trendy tribal patterns, bold prints, fringes and tassels are all characteristic of a slouchy boho handbag. The boho-chic glamour of these bags transforms them into some really exciting accessories for a stylish look.