All eyes are on accessories this season. With a multitude of fun options the new season brings, the ideas when it comes to mixing and matching can definitely be influenced positively. If you love bold choices, the Roberto Cavalli label is definitely worth analyzing each season. In the handbag department, the label encourages leaning towards fabulous tones and daring patterns in order to stand out. Though the handbags are by no means eccentric, they will never fail to give you the fun touch you’re craving.

Combining classiness with daring touches is one of the best ways to stand out and the principle is beautifully put to work in the new fall/winter 2012-2013 collection. Just because you cover up more, it does’t mean that opting for rich, vibrant tones is suddenly off limits. On the contrary, an easy update like this one can definitely put a whole new spin on things. From large totes to discreet yet fabulous clutches, the alternatives are inevitably eye-catching and definite game changers for a variety of simple, versatile, otherwise toned down looks.

It wouldn’t feel like Cavalli if it weren’t for a variety of wild touches to instantly steal the spotlight. As expected, the label offers plenty of exciting animal prints of all sorts to reflect one of the season’s most powerful trends while still staying true to the spirit of the label. After all, the Cavalli woman was never one to shy away from the spotlight or to blend in with the crowd for that matter, so the exotic skin texture proves once again perfect for delivering that perfect luxurious vibe.

Aside from bold tones and wild style influences it also pays noticing that metallic details are slowly getting back into the spotlight. If you prefer textural details to prints, you’ll definitely love the new tendency. Along with studs and screw-like motifs, this style element can be a great way to make a subtle yet powerful statement. Dare to take things to the next level with a fun statement bag that will show off your personality and help you stand out every single time.

Photo courtesy of Roberto Cavalli