The New York based creator started her career as a designer and envisioned the uber-known “I Love New York” t-shirt which traveled around the world and mesmerized those who wished to express their patriotic feelings throughout the US. However in 2005 the already successful Rebecca Minkoff decided to try her hand at accessories and created her new and inspiring handbags entitled the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bags.

As one of the most widely known and appreciated designers celebrities in an increasing number decided to join the party of style-conscious people who popularize these accessories offering Rebecca the proper fuel to continue with her designer career. Those who are eager to find out more about the fabulous world of mini and maxi as well as laced and python bags offered by Rebecca Minkoff should definitely take a glimpse at this brief gallery of stylish bags.

Morning After Mini with StrapTextured Croc Morning After MiniLaced Up Morning After MiniGlazer Leather Rapture

Rebecca Minkoff was always fascinated by the world of fashion both when it comes of the clothing items as well as complementary accessories. Therefore she was eager to experiment with both domains which brought her the ultimate success in fact. Finding the golden middle road between practical and chic was indeed her secret to create a similar popular and cosmopolitan repertoire of handbags and clutches in different shapes and sizes. Using leather as her all time favorite material she composed a parade of top handle bags decorated with fringes as well as ribbons and zippers that all contribute to the authentic and unique refinement of the style pieces.

Besides offering proper space for storage in order to make these accessories functional, the young designer also added several pockets to make it even more utilitarian. The stylish leather Morning After Minis are perfect to carry all your beauty and style essentials. Thanks to the sophisticated fabric use as well as tailoring you’ll have the chance to make a long-term if not life long investment when getting hold of a similar handbag. Consider all the advantages of these accessories and draw some inspiration from the celebrity looks to make sure you made the perfect deal for this season.

Textured Croc BelleAdoreLustThe BF

Offering simply a functional accessory is not the chief aim of Rebecca Minkoff. In fact she breathes life into the raw fabric as well as lifeless designs and enhances them with personality and vogue. The stylish Croc Belle, Lust as well as The BF are only some of the creation that are both appreciated and popularized by our favorite style icons. Those who would like to establish a real connection with their wardrobe staples in order to make a real statement should definitely consider having a similar precious handbag. The unique chain elements, buckles as well as flirty fringes all play an essential role in the one-of-a-kind impression these accessories offer.

Fashion kittens as Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Agyness Deyn and many others are eager to complete their outfits with these stylish Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Handbags. If you are also devoted to enrich your accessory repertoire with additional and venerated designs make sure you purchase at least one of thee universal and at the same time eye-pleasing and unique designs. Know your personality and spot the right mini or lace bag that suits your preferences and offers you the chance to express your fashion-awareness and refined style sense.

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