When talking about art, nothing is really too pricey, too extravagant or too awkward. That’s why, when Puma released their Reality Bag No.2 at an estimated price of $2, 400, everybody interpreted it as a status symbol methinks. So, Puma has released 500 of these bags dubbed Reality Bag No. 2.

These bags were created as part of Puma’s sponsorship of Rubell Family Collection’s exhibit 30 Americans, an exhibit that highlights the work of thirty African American artists.

Apparently, this bag was created and conceived as a portable gallery, as it includes art-related items designed by many of the artists featured in the Rubell Family Collection’s exhibition.

Puma Reality Bag No 2

This means a set of colored pencils, business cards, USB stick preloaded with a film by Jennifer Rubell, notepad with reproduced scribbles by artists, pouch & wallet, t-shirt (XS), signed Reality display map, numbered certificate, and 30 Americans Exhibition Catalog.

And since this bag is created for sustaining art, Puma will donate, for each bag sold, $100 to the Contemporary Arts Foundation of the Rubell Family Collection. Its purpose is to promote social intercourse and debate through art. This highly fashionable, artsy statement bag is made of blue leather embossed with John Armleder’s spider icon and it has interior pockets with detachable shoulder strap. It also features a wood bottom with the Puma icon cutout. Puma has other fashion collaborations with designers like Alexander McQueen, Yasuhiro Mihara, Sergio Rossi and Rudolf Dassler.