Add a magical touch to your sunny season wardrobe with the elegant and precious accessory designs from the Prada spring 2012 handbag collection. Miuccia Prada decided to put her designing skills to a fab challenge and define the concept of “Sweetness” when it comes to the ensembles of the Prada spring 2012 RTW collection.

The beloved fashion godmother revealed that she was actually terrified by this project, “I wanted to take on the taboo of sweetness, which is one of the greatest qualities in women. But if you are not aggressive, too? How can that work, for a woman?”

The most impressive Prada fashion shows are famous for the unique themes, which often present a sight-pampering clash between shades and different style waves. This time we have a fabulous compound of femininity and cars. The cutest boxy bags are decorated with vintage-chic hardware and ultra-fabulous car images.

 Prada Spring 2012 Bags  Prada Spring 2012 Bags  Prada Spring 2012 Bags

The highly acclaimed designer is ready to take over the lead in the field of experimental designs as she combined 3D elements and shades which may seem blinding at first, but soon all these elements melt into a breath-taking fashion fantasy which makes your heart race. Pink, yellow, burgundy and coral are only some of the A-list hues incorporated into the 2012 handbag collection.

The oh-so-classy and neatly tailored handbags are livened up by the old time glam images of cars. The success of the accessory repertoire is guaranteed by the universally-flattering quality of these bags. According to Miuccia Prada, “They are all pieces, combined in a realistic way.” Grown-up femininity is the buzzword when it comes to Prada collections, so wear these gorgeous fashion staples if you’re ready to show off your sophisticated taste for timeless style investments.

 Prada Spring 2012 Bags  Prada Spring 2012 Bags  Prada Spring 2012 Bags  Prada Spring 2012 Bags

Image courtesy of Prada