Bookcase clutches might not be a new idea, but ever since Olympia Le-Tan first released such alternatives, bookworms and fashionitas alike became fascinated. Carrying your favorite novels as a fashion statement is indeed an original idea and the many variations possible are just one more thing that makes the idea so interesting and covetable. The fall/winter 2012 collection is rife with conversation starters that will surely show off more than your passion for style.

The eclectic allure of the new alternatives is perhaps one of the strongest points in their favor. A strong statement that can never go on the tacky side is one of the most desirable traits you can ask for and the new options fit the bill perfectly. Showing off your intellect and style knowledge at the same time is one attractive proposition, which is why the popularity of the styles is far from fading anytime soon. Though contemplating the DIY idea is always interesting, these fabs will give you the effect you crave without the effort and worry that comes with the possibility of messing things up or ruining your favorite novels.

Going for unusual shapes is always a good way of avoiding monotony and making sure that you’ll attract attention whenever you want. The inspiration can strike from the unlikeliest sources and the designer manages to prove it wisely. An ideea might seem mundane if you don’t use your imagination to see its true potential. If you do, you might appreciate the fabulous options that aim to impress in the newest collection.

Thinking outside the box can work wonders if you’re trying to surpass a style rut and the new options are a perfect example of the idea. Dare to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and you’ll most likely discover new ideas to amp up the style quotient of your outfits. Have fun experimenting with eclectic accessories and see what you can do to take your looks to the next level.

Photo courtesy of Olympia Le-Tan