The upcoming months are filled with glamour. Sure, the runway looks are certainly a fab source of inspiration, however, the accessories are the ones that truly make the difference as far as how put together we actually look. When looking for the ultimate focal point that will complete our outfit, a fabulous handbag is often the answer. The Nancy Gonzales fall 2012 handbag collection abounds in modern lust-worthy alternatives to help you look great whenever you want. If you love the opulent vibe yet still want practicality, the new designs offer great ideas on how to do it in a highly modern way.

Exotic skin textures are among the most recognizable luxury cues and the extensive use of the pattern is a clear proof that you can’t go wrong with using such elements when you want to create a strong impression instantly. To further increase the eye-catching allure of the designs, the label embraces bold tones and color effects that cannot go unnoticed. Trendy vibes are fabulously reflected so that they don’t take away from the practicality of the bags in most designs. Ombre effects, daring animal prints or bold contrasts are the label’s recipe for glamour this fall.

There’s nothing ordinary about these handbags and this is the brand’s way of sticking to the ‘imperishable style’ promise that governs the label’s creations. You can dazzle with spectacular details and the label’s new offerings are ideal for creating this desirable effect. From snakeskin texture, to leopard prints and even fur, letting your wild side come to surface is extremely easy in the upcoming months. The extensive new collection can definitely cater to a variety of style needs. Studs, tassels or structural feather symbols are fabulous touches that make the designs even more covetable.

Many of the same style characteristics extend to clutches, which are highly focused on chromatic contrast. The silver/ gold combo is a particularly memorable one as it is definitely a statement piece despite the fact that these metallic tones are considered neutrals. Pops of colors that further emphasize the exotic skin texture are also great alternatives for making a strong statement. There’s certainly no shortage of fabulous ideas worth experimenting with in the newest line of the label. Dare to step out of your comfort zone with one or more of these stunning alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Gonzales