We all know him, we all love him, we surely love his shoes, and we definitely want his handbags, since every creation signed by designer Christian Louboutin is a piece of art.

Among his most beautiful, wanted and definitely gorgeous handbags, three can easily be the queens of our story: Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo, the Mount Street Bag and Christian Louboutin’s Schoolita Framed Bag.

Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo has a very unique and unusual design. Louboutin has impressed everyone not only with his famous stiletto heels, but also with this specific handbag. It’s artsy, capturing a certain avant garde style, and it’s for sale at $1995. This bag features black layered leather with red accents on the outer rings and inner, jacquard lining, a zip top closure with signature pull, and a 13.5″ strap drop length.Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo may be easily inspired by armour-style. This unique hobo has a deeply indented center.

Louboutin Mount Street Bag<most Wanted Chrisitan Louboutin HandbagsLouboutin Schoolita Framed Handbag

The Mount Street Bag signed by Louboutin is another masterpiece. It’s gorgeous, chic and a must-have, if you’re a bag lover. And this not because it’s so practical, no way. Art shouldn’t be always practical, unless the artist would have wanted it to be. This pink petal-covered pouch is a fun piece, which could easily become a statement-bag.

The Christian Louboutin Mount Street Bag gives a sense of uniqueness to whoever wears it, due to its fuchsia satin with a ruffle petal finish, or to the signature shoe fastening top. Buy it at $1495 and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Louboutin’s Schoolita Framed Bag is a chic and more office-like handbag. In contrast with those other two Louboutin designs presented above, this specific model, estimated at $1495, has a graceful shape and a framed top. The framed top is limited to a half-moon along the top edges, while another element adds a more feminine touch to this handbag, a pleating detail featuring the signature shoe. This surprisingly roomy model also features magnetic closure and signature Louboutin red-lined interior with small storage pockets round out the bag.

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