Missoni brings its iconic zig zag prints back to the surface in the fall/winter 2012 handbag collection. The new collection is basically a mix of trends and style elements which add complexity and make these fun accessories a strong focal point while still maintaining many of the traits that give it a classy allure and makes them versatile enough to be worn with a variety of seasonal looks. The palette of choices is definitely varied and interesting and highlights the core concepts of the label.

The exotic skin texture maintains its irresistible appeal this season and the label brings many fun alternatives using the concept for a fun modern look. Chain bags seem to be a particularly trendy option this season, considering the large number of retailers that have focused their attention on the style. Missoni is definitely on board with the idea and given the many fabulous options presented, it’s quite easy to be seduced by the thought especially if you are a handbag person at heart.

From large totes to canvas, diversity is key. This is as true at a chromatic level as it is from a fabric standpoint. From hardcase clutches to canvas alternatives, the options can make you ready to steal the spotlight in a matter of seconds if you pair it with the right outfit. Whether you like the luxury of black and gold or crave total versatility color-wise, there are high chances that at least one of the designs will capture your interest.

If the dark tones of the new season spark your desire for interesting accessories, you’ll definitely want to consider these fun options and style elements an inspiration for your next shopping session. Keep things fresh, new and exciting by loading up on thought-provoking accessories that are sure to turn heads and get positive compliments wherever you go during the chilliest days of the year and beyond. Use these fun ideas to make an intriguing statement every time.

Photo courtesy of Missoni