We’ve seen a few pictures of the newest Miss Dior Cherie fall 2012 campaign featuring Mila Kunis earlier before. But we were absolutely sure we’ll be able to see more and we weren’t wrong. New pictures have surfaced and we are able to see more inspirational poses from one of the most admired actresses of the moment. With such a great choice for the campaign and Mario Sorenti behind the lens, the results are predictably great.

The ladylike allure is intensely cherished by the high-end label which makes a point of highlighting how simple elegance can be. The black and white photoshoot transports us back to a glam-filled era while also making us appreciate the ‘constantly on the spotlight’ feeling the star experiences both on and off the camera. As for the overall looks, they have classiness written all over them.

The gorgeous leather top with a fun peplum detail or edgy yet cute leather skirt, the high-split evening dress or the gorgeous platforms are some of the main focal points that make us want to fill our new season shopping list immediately. The focus on investment pieces which is sensed all over the high-end industry is reflected in the campaign as well. Variations of the chain clutch that has become synonym with luxury are beautifully highlighted across the photoshoot.

As far as the beauty options are concerned, it seems that simplicity with a romantic touch is the main perspective endorsed, hence the simple yet glam hairstyle and the cute hair bow that makes everything picture perfect. Makeup-wise a sense of discretion is maintained and the emphasis highlighting the eyes is well reflected through classy vibes.

Photo courtesy of Dior