Michael Kors gets back to the roots of classiness and sophistication with the fall/winter 2012-2013 handbag collection. Functionality and versatility are the main intents of the newest handbags which have refinement written all over them. Classic shapes, safe style elements and the high quality and fine craftsmanship the brand has become renowned for are the concepts endorsed by the label in the newest collection for the coldest days of the year.

Few things can match the sophistication of a classic leather bag with style elements to bring it a contemporary vibe. This doesn’t mean however that prints or fun seasonal accents are left aside. On the contrary, animal prints, fur like accents and chains are beautifully included in the collection in an inconspicuous manner that still manages to attract a lot of attention. The label gives a high importance on delivering maximum efficiency which is why we get to see so many incredibly spacious options for every need.

Combining functionality with a bit of modern vibe can be the winning formula for getting a signature bag that you’ll love wearing on a daily basis, so the label definitely has it right in this regard. Find the right balance between functionality and style and you’ll find accessorizing a lot easier. Invest in the right accessories for a fabulous style update every single time.

Michael Kors Fall Winter 2012 Handbags Michael Kors Fall Winter 2012 Handbags

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors