It seems that Bulgari has managed to spice up the look of their handbags collection for spring summer 2011 with the help of designer Matthew Williamson so take a peek at the new collection as it is definitely worth admiring!

Bulgari or Bvlgari is most definitely one of the accessories brands with a great amount of importance in the fashion industry as accessories do play a very important role when it comes to beauty and style so accessories should most definitely not be overlooked.
Because sometimes a change is more than welcome, Bulgari contacted Matthew Williamson to help design and spice up the look of the Bulgari spring 2011 handbags collection.

The Matthew Williamson for Bulgari spring 2011 handbags collection looks absolutely divine and different from what Bulgari has gotten us used to so far. Matthew Williamson is known for his exuberant sense of color and design and this was perfect for Bulgari.
Color is one of the greatest things when it comes to fashion so playing with color can only bring you benefits, obviously if the right colors are combined.

Matthew Williamson x Bulgari Bags

One of the first designs which seems to pop out and attract attention are the super colorful handbags which feature an unrealistic, alien-like coloration. The blends of color and prints look absolutely divine and transform the classic handbags into amazingly stylish handbags which will most definitely make you the attraction of the night!

Blends of color such as green, pink and blue hues create a spectacle for the eyes and we couldn't love this more. It looks like these lovely handbags can be easily used in color therapy as they instantly help install a sense of well being and happiness.

Because not everyone loves a multicolored handbag, Matthew Williamson also chose to tone things down and go for monochrome handbags which featured geometric forms which gave the handbags a more modern look.

The shape of these lovely handbags attracts attention as sharp lines are always going to stand out. A Bvlgari inscription on a hexagon metallic accessory applied on the handbags emphasize the style and gives it a more interesting, glam look which suits women who adopt a casual-chic style!

Everyone loves a great looking handbag and the new spring/summer 2011 Bulgari handbags can most definitely complete your stylish wardrobe. Color can add a bit of fun to your outfit so choose one of the stylish Bulgari handbags created by Matthew Williamson in 2011 in the desired shade such as: green, electric blue, gold, pink or blended colors and you will most definitely attract all the attention.

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