Check out the funky and fresh Marni Winter Edition 2012 bags. Rev up your wardrobe with these colorful and ultra-voguish totes and handbags.

Those who've seen the autumn accessory collection of Marni know that this brand has so much more in store for us. Now, it's time to browse through the cold season tote and handbag designs which add a funky fresh vibe to our wardrobe. The Marni Winter Edition 2012 handbag collection is packed with tartan, refined leather elements and chic fur details. Consuelo Castiglioni succeeded in releasing a parade of fashion staples which deserve special attention both from the side of style critics and aspiring fashionistas.

See the glam heaven of ultra-practical totes and flirty shoulder-bags. If you were always trapped by the unique style realm envisioned by this atelier, join the pack of millions of fashionistas who just can't wait to complement their signature looks with one of the hottest winter Marni bags. Color blocks, graphic prints and ultra-sophisticated details offer these amazing bag styles high-street glamor. Explore the vintgesque style vision of the highly-acclaimed designer for the cold season.

Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection  Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection  Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection Consuelo Castiglioni Consuelo Castiglioni

Marni became one of the most influential brands both when it comes to cosmo chic ensembles and also high-class accessories. Those who are familiarized with the rise of the label know how important it was for Consuelo Castiglioni to meet the ever changing needs of the style pack. The winter bags included in this collection illustrate the importance of versatility in the creative work of contemporary fashion ateliers. The color palette that includes the hottest bright tones along with all-time-favorite red shades and classy neutrals offers diversity to the complete bag cavalcade.

See the cutest drawings which decorate the cute Marni totes and purchase them if you're longing after youthful and voguish accessory designs. Oh-so-chic top handles secure the practical quality of these patterned totes. Pierce them into your casual street chic outfits to impress your entourage with a perfectly polished look. Graphic prints and plaid inject a vintage flair into these ultra-femme shoulder bags. Lose yourself in the multitude of head-turning style creations. Prep for the winter season with a selection of fashion forward accessories from your favorite labels.

 Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection  Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection  Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection  Marni Winter 2012 Bags Collection

Image courtesy of Marni