Practical, fashionable and stylish are some of the most important attributes a handbag should have and the Marni spring 2012 handbag collection is a fabulous reflection of these principles. Get a closer look at the marvelous alternatives endorsed for the next season.

Staying practical without giving up on the 'hot' factor is sometimes a difficult thing to do, yet fashion designers are constantly coming up with exciting possibilities for every style move women encounter. After the exciting news of the collaboration between Marni and H&M, all eyes are on the brand in order to uncover the most likely style directions the brands will take.

Until the much awaited designs will be revealed to the public, we can only do our best to enjoy the available designs and the Marni spring 2012 handbag collection sure gives us plenty of reasons to rejoice and expect exquisite designs in the near future. Focused on classy designs with a subtle yet important playful touch, the bags can easily reach the must have list of fashion lovers.

Rather than focusing on hip print styles with a short lifespan, the brand takes a more practical stand focusing on handbags that have the potential to liven up many outfits and that can even become one's signature bag. In the area of clutches, however, the 'wow' factor is the most important one and the color combos along with the details used are more noticeable.

Marni Spring 2012 Clutches Marni Spring 2012 Handbags Marni Spring 2012 Handbags

Fringes and vivid colors that cannot go unobserved make the clutches included in the collection a simple choice when adding color to an outfit is the main objective imposed. In the area of practical alternatives, color touches are much less emphasized, for a subtle contrast. The dominant bag style in this category appears to be the satchel as it instantly instills elegance and refinement every single time.

Geometric motifs are another important detail that helps make the alternatives presented anything but ordinary. Circles and squares become textural details that give the designs just the right amount of visibility without compromising versatility or mixing and matching possibilities.

Marni Spring 2012 Handbags Marni Spring 2012 Handbags Marni Spring 2012 Handbags Marni Spring 2012 Handbags